Holiday-making with Lost Recipes Found

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It happens every year, right? Thanksgiving Day rolls in in all its mellowed, golden glory, and then BANG! It’s like a pistol shot goes off, and the race begins. All efforts to maintain calm, peaceful centered-ness with the real meaning of Christmas somewhere in the middle get challenged. Well….cut yourself a break! The fact is, we won’t get to do it all, cook it all, or make it all. So just choose a few (one? two?) vintage recipes to celebrate! Enjoy reading the stories that come with the rest, but save cooking those others for a calmer winter day.

Because holiday cookies and sweets are such a huge memory maker, here are some LRF favorites to get you started: Gingerboys, Old-fashioned Butter Cookies, Raspberry-filled Sandwich Cookies, Marshall Fields Seven Layer Bars, New York Crustless Cheesecake. I’ll be posting more vintage-recipes-revived over the coming weeks, plus some hearty winter dishes (such as Telly Savalas’ Roast Leg of Lamb) for main course glory.

Glad to be in the food-memory-making business! Talk to me anytime at

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3 thoughts on “Holiday-making with Lost Recipes Found

  1. Hello there just looking through at your site – better late than never.
    Lots of great recipes-
    Know you are having fun.
    Thanks for the hospitality

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